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   2018 Jun 24
   Version 1.43
   DISCSTATUS is Freeware, but your are not allowed
   to change the output, if you publish it and/or
   remove the adress of the author.
   This program analyze the DISCTATUS file of the MPC
   to find the asteroids, which may be on the future
   list of numbered asteroids, discoverey by the own
   Due to the very special discovery regulations of
   the MPC only few principal designations of amateur
   observers will follow into a official numbered
   The MPC DISCSTATUS file lists only the official
   announced numbered discoveries of the observatory,
   all prinicipal designations followed by numbered
   discoveries of another observatory and all
   principal designations without numbering until now.
   Here take the program DISCSTATUS the job. It
   analyzes the DISCSTATUS file, download all
   observation of the objects and checks the
   observation for objects, which will be numbered
   and discovered by the own observatory (if no
   other identifications will be added).
   One-Opposition orbits will be seperated from
   multiple-opposition orbits, because the later
   objects are more probably related to the own
   DISCSTATUS is a command line tool. You should copy
   all files in the ZIP into one *empty* directory.
   The wget.exe is enclosed (this tool gets the
   html files from the MPC). Then just start
   DISCSTATUS.exe from the command line.
   If you want to analyze your own DISCSTATUS file,
   copy it into this folder and overwrite my file.
   The file has no extension, just DISCSTATUS!
   Please note, that there are some additional files,
   which you should not erase. If something don't
   work, just reinstall all files.
   At first run it downloads all files and need some
   time for this. I set a time limit of several sec
   between each download, otherwise the MPC will
   block your IP address.
   You see the notes for each single
   object. If you run it again, the download will
   not be made and it runs very fast :-) But be aware,
   that then only old data are used for decisions,
   which object may be yours and which not!
   Otherwise you must delete all html files (*.html).
   You will get a short screen statistic.
   A more detailed statistic is given in DISCSTATUS.LOG
   The file DISCSTATUS.OBS conatins all observations.
   To save the bandwidth at MPC all observations
   will be downloaded only one time. If you want to
   analyze a *new* DISCSTATUS, you must erase all
   *.html files in the directory. 
   Jost Jahn
   Smaeswai 4
   25946 Nebel

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